1. What Classes do you offer and when?

We are extremely proud to offer a multitude of classes to make it easier for everyone in your family to get involved. Our programs include: Dance, Cheerleading, Martial Arts, Music Lessons Tumbling and Fitness. CLICK HERE for more info on the programs we offer. Classes are held Monday- Saturday from September-May. Click the "Classes" tab to view of class times and availability.

2. What are the ages and necessary experience needed to attend?

Classes range from ages 18 month through Adult. Levels of classes are set by age and the number of years a child has taken dance. We offer beginner through advanced classes in all of our programs.

3. How does the school year run and what type of commitment is expected?

We offer a 34-week program which begins after Labor Day and ends with the annual recital performance which is usually the 1st or 2nd weekend in June. Class attendance is very important for a student to progress. Your commitment to our program is expected to continue through the end-of-year recital. If you are looking for less of a commitment, we suggest giving one of our half year classes a try from January- May.

4. How will I be kept informed of information about my child?

When registering your child, you will need to fill out an annual contract that reviews all of the information you will need to know for the season. These agreements are also presented when registering online. It is recommended that you also take the time to read through our handbook. Click the "Forms" Tab to view our handbook. Additional information will be provided to parents throughout the year in the form of e-mails and handouts. You may also stop into the studio to see the white boards, follow us on facebook & twitter or just check our web-site for the calendar or hand outs located under the “forms” section. Make sure your e-mail address and contact info is up to date. Communication is imparitive....help us keep you informed.

Information is also on our website www.risingstarscheeranddance.com or you can contact us rising.stars@comcast.net

5. Why is there a dress code at Rising Stars?

A dress code ensures that a teacher will be able to see the students body alignment and positioning. It also teaches students discipline and helps with overall focus. Dress codes can also create unity among the dancers instead of causing a few dancers to stand out, much like a school uniform policy. Dress codes go a long way in minimizing distractions, and help give classes a unified look. Click the "Forms" tab for the dress code.

6. Where can we purchase our uniforms, shoes and supplies?

Our pro-shop is stocked with the correct colors, shoes, leotards and tights and uniforms that are required for your class. You are welcome to purchase these items elsewhere but it is recommended to check with the pro-shop first to avoid purchasing the wrong items. The prices are excellent and the quality of our dancewear is better than those you find in general stores. It is also more convenient than driving all over town to find dancewear.

7. Do you have a recital or performance?

Yes, our students have a beautiful and exciting show to display what they have learned all year and to perform their routine(s). In early June we have our final recital which allows for our dancers to perform for their parents and friends to see what they have learned throughout the year. It also gives students a chance to enhance their performance skills. Our Martial Arts, Music students, little tumblers and half year classes also have their own performances. Our Competitive Cheer and Dance teams offer a variety of competition and performances throughout the year as well.

8. Can I watch my child in class?

Classes are closed during the school year to help teachers keep the dancers focused. Closed-circuit televisions are located in the studio lobby so that parents may view classes with out causing any distraction to students, otherwise parents are not allowed in the class because it hinders the teachers to ability to maintain the students’ focus. If there are too many authority figures, the children generally either loses class time looking for Mom/Dad approval, or they act out to see what reaction they will get.


9. How do I register?

We offer in house registration at the end of June and new parents are encouraged to attend. You can download the registration form from our website, Click the “forms” Tab and bring it with you to registration. You may also register on-line anytime after that by clicking the “Register Here” Tab. There is a annual, non-refundable $35.00 registration and insurance fee which holds your child's spot in all pre-registered classes.


10. If I transfer from another studio what do I need to do?

At registration, speak with a staff member about the number of years your child has taken classes and arrange for an assessment of your child's dance experience.


11. My child is 13 years old and no experience, can he/she still take classes?

Yes, we offer classes for all levels (beginner through pre-professional) in each of our programs.

12. Does my child need to audition to take classes?

There is not a formal audition process for class placement. However, class placement is done at the discretion of the director and or teachers. Specific class placement is based upon age, ability, and experience.


13. My child has been dancing for 5+ years and is interested in competitive or professional type dance lessons. What do you offer?

We have extremely qualified dance teachers who excel at the programs that they teach. Our Company and Competitive classes are especially tailored for students who want to pursue competitions, performance scholarships, and employment opportunities in that program.

14. Can my child start dance part way through the year?

We accept enrollment through September for cheer, January for dance and year round for music, tumbling and martial arts. Students can participate in private lessons to catch them up on what they have missed and then join the class already in progress.

15. How big are the dance classes?

This is largely dependent on the size of both the studio and the course being taught. On average, there are 10-12 students per technique class.


16. What does my $30 recital fee pay for?

School Rental Fees

  • We are charged rental fees for both rehearsal and recital. The school is not free and hours of preparation are needed to set up before your children arrive and take down after they leave. 

 Lighting and Sound Technician Fees

  • All of the technicians/stagehands required to put on the show are paid separately for both rehearsal, recital and prep time.

 Custodial Fees

  • The school custodians are paid per hour and overtime on weekends. They are paid for all hours we are in the building and after we leave. That is approx. 10-12 hours per day.

 Backdrops/Décor Rentals

  • These are all very expensive parts of running a professional looking show which our guests have come to expect. 

 Music Licensing Fees

  • We pay fees through several different music licensing firms to ensure that all of our music abides by copyright laws.

 Program Booklets

  • Keepsakes for our children and acknowledgements of their hard work.  


  • Each participant in the recital receives an award for EACH program in which they participate. This means that someone taking cheer, dance, tumbling and martial arts receives 4 awards at no additional cost.
  • We don't feel that families with more than one child should have to pay more to have all of their children participate. For this reason, the $25 fee is per family and not per student.  

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