Tiny Stars Ages 18 months-3

Mommy & Me is a fun session designed with parent-toddler interaction in mind. This program is focused on movement, coordination, balance, rhythm, stretching, basic kinetic skills, levels and shapes for your little one. The class is set to music and will feature basic dance steps in ballet, jazz, and tumbling. Repetition is essential for mastering dance techniques and with Mom, Dad or a caregiver as a part of the class experience where students will feel safe and secure, allowing for a strong foundation for future learning.

Runs year round


Tiny Tumbling - Ages 4 & 5

This class will offer your child an introduction to the fundamentals of tumbling that will provide the building blocks necessary for their potential overall physical development. By learning the benefits of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control, inherent in all aspects of tumbling, your child will be better equipped to safely enjoy and excel in all of his or her future athletic endeavors. The confidence and sense of accomplishment your child will gain from learning new skills will show, and will stay with them forever.

Runs September- May


Tumbling Level I- Ages 6 & up

This introductory class stresses the learning and technique of basic skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and bridge-kickovers. In order to progress to level two participants must be able to execute all skills listed above without instructor assistance.

Runs year round


Tumbling Level II- Ages 6 & up

This class is for students who have a basic knowledge of tumbling. Students will learn back/front walkovers with an emphasis placed on obtaining and perfecting unassisted standing and round-off back hand-springs. Jumps and other tumbling skills are an intricate part of classes.

Runs year round


Back Handspring Class -Ages 6 & up

This class is open to intermediate tumblers only. It is designed for those students who need more time to practice and perfect their back handsprings.

Runs year round * May only be taken in addition to Tumbling II


Tumbling Level III- Ages 6 & up

This class is for more advanced students who have a solid background in tumbling. Participants focus on back handspring series, round-off handspring back tucks/layouts and standing back tucks. Students participating in this class must already be able to perform an unassisted standing back handspring and round-off back hand-spring with proper technique.

Runs year round


Back Tuck Class -Ages 6 & up

This class is open to level III tumblers only. It is designed for those students who need more time to practice and perfect their back tuck.

Runs year round * May only be taken in addition to Tumbling III


Tumbling IV -Ages 6 & up

Students in this class having the skills from all previous levels will begin to work on whips, layouts and developing the skills needed to begin twisting skills. This class will work on jump connected front and back tumbling, standing tumbling connections that finish to layout, multiple flip connections in running passes including whips, layouts, tucks, punch fronts and Arabians, full twisting layout and other advanced flipping and twisting skills are included in this class.

Runs year round

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